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One of the very interesting nations, Iceland, is also known as “The Land of Fire and Ice”. To know the reason behind the name, buy the Icelandic Lava Show tickets for the one and only Lava Show across the globe that takes place here. You will get to know about the volcanic history of Iceland and the rest of the world. The show is located in two small beautiful villages on the southern coastline of Iceland named Vik and Reykjavik, closed by beaches and glaciers present underneath of which are the emerging volcanos. This is the only lava show in the world solely for entertainment and educational purposes.

You will be guided by the professional host the entire time, starting off with the short documentary educational video on volcanoes to make you understand the history and geography of it. Afterwards the crazy spectacle begins, when you will be able to witness how the volcanoes function, process. This is possible with the help of the art of technology to express the details just to make it all as real life eruptions occur under glaciers. In addition to the display, is real life and interestings factual stories on the same. The show ends with the interactive session and answering all your intriguing questions.

Book Iceland Lava Show Tickets Online

  • Why To Book This Online - Not to miss out on this epic opportunity, grab the Icelandic Lava Show tickets online to avoid any kind of inconvenience which you may come across if you buy them offline. We hereby will provide you with flexible services so that you can enjoy your time there with no stress.

  • What To Expect - Never have you ever explored something like this before when now you can! Discover the science behind molten red lava and volcanic eruptions with close proximity. The only show in the world which fills the requirements for both education and thrill seekers.

Why to book Icelandic Lava Show Tickets Online?

Nobody likes to spend their precious time buying tickets and not to enjoy what they have come so far for. So to avoid any kind of such situations, online services are open and accessible for you. Following are the benefits that you can avail if you buy Icelandic Lava tickets online:

  • Skip the LONG Lines - You won’t have to spend time in long queues. Online tickets will help you pass through these hurdles straight inside the building.

  • Travel at Ease - You can then be eligible to plan your visit any time of the day according to the plans and when there will be fewer crowds.

  • Flexible Policy - With Icelandic Lava Show online tickets, you will be saving a lot because of the lowest price guarantee offer. Even if there is a change of plans, you can also reschedule it accordingly. Also don’t worry if you are a lazy planner as e- tickets will be accessible to you at the last moment as well.

Know Before You Book Iceland Lava Show Tickets

Essential Information
  • Location

The show now is in two locations. First, Vik the beautiful town amidst Katla UNESCO Global Geopark, surrounded by volcanoes, glaciers, and black sand beaches. The building was renovated completely for the show purpose and has a restaurant famous for its best soup to transform into a welcoming atmosphere. Second is a brand new one in Reykjavik, specially for those who prefer little extra luxurious and private experiences. It offers two separate group tours experiences. The upper floor balcony with an above view of the show as well as access to a private bar and the ground level showroom for up close and personal feel of the show.

  • Timings

Total duration of the Iceland Lava Show is 50 minutes which includes all the activities, showcases and sessions. In addition to that is the extra 10 minute backstage tour which is optional.

  • How To Get There?

While planning out the itinerary, you have to first arrive at Reykjavik airport, from there it takes almost two hours by road to reach Vik without stopping. As the show is located at the heart of Víkurbraut, reach there no later than 15 minutes before the Lava Show starts.

  • Learn about Volcanic History that shape Iceland
  • Unique chance to experience REAL molten lava in close proximity
  • True sensory celebration of hearing, seeing and feeling
  • Get to know how science and technology is crossing all the limits in every way possible
  • Explore everything about volcanos what you used to study in your books

FAQ’s Of Iceland Lava Show

Why is the Iceland Lava Show so famous?

The show is so famous as it is the one and only place in the whole world where you can safely experience and learn about volcanoes and lava in such close proximity.

Is Price for Iceland Lava Show Tickets the same for all?

Yes, the price for Icelandic Lava Show tickets is the same for everyone. INR 1660 per adult for a Cinema and Exhibitions ticket.

Do I need to book Iceland Lava Show Tickets in advance?

Not necessarily, but as we all know due to so much of demand, these places have huge crowds. So, to avoid any such inconvenience, prefer buying Icelandic Lava Show tickets online in advance according to your itinerary.

Can I book Iceland Lava Show Tickets online?

Yes you can, in fact to avail discounts, offers and few important information to know before you go, booking online tickets is the best option. It is suggested to book Icelandic Lava Show tickets online as it is an easy and smooth booking option.

What is the time duration to see the Iceland Lava Show?

The venue is open from 11 am to 8 pm. You can go for any suitable timings and reach there 15 minutes before to avoid any delay. The show is almost for approximately one hour, and all the acts will then be managed between this duration.


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