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About The Lava Tunnel Tour

The Lava Tunnel Tour starts with a 30 minute ride from Reykjavik to reach the destination. Raufarhólshellir is the 4th longest lava tunnel of Iceland that houses vibrant coloured mineral walls along with rock formations in summer and huge naturally formed ice structures in winter. The long tunnel is divided into three sections at the end. Visitors should not miss this entertaining experience of the details of a Lava Tunnel. The entire tour takes approximately around 3 - 4 hours to come to an end. Many packages offer pick up and drop off services for the convenience of the visitors. You will be provided with safety gear consisting of helmets and lights for a cautious trip. A professional guide is also provided in order to explain the internal formations of the tunnel throughout the tour and to clear all the doubts. You can get access to the tickets online via different websites. We also recommend you to get hold of the tickets as soon as you can in order to get early access.

Book The Lava Tunnel Tour Online

The Lava Tunnel Tour lets the tourists explore Raufarhólshellir, one of the longest lava tunnels in Iceland. You can choose your preferred time slot on your selected day with ease, since this tour takes place regularly. This tour describes the formation and transformation of the lava rocks into different colours through a guide.You can expect to catch a charismatic view of the intricacies of the underground lava flowing path on The Lava Tunnel Tour. This opening is the way through which the molten volcanic rocks flowed during the Leitahraun eruption that took place 5000 years ago. You will also be provided with safety gear including helmets and lights along with a professional guide for safe viewing.

Why To Book The Lava Tunnel Tour Online?

  • Skip The Ticket Line

Booking online tickets for The Lava Tunnel Tour enables the visitors to save time by allowing them to skip the long waiting lines on site at the ticket counter.

  • Discount

We strongly suggest you to book the tickets for the tour online so that you can avail the discounts offered by our websites. These online ticket prices are comparatively lower than the offline tickets available on site.

  • Early Access

Purchasing The Lava Tunnel Tour tickets online ensures that the visitors get to choose their favoured slot and can avail an early entry. This allows them a hassle free admission at the time of the tour.

Interesting Facts About The Lava Tunnel Tour

  • Raufarhólshellir is the fourth longest lava tube in Iceland.

  • The Cave was structured at the time of the Leitahraun eruption.

  • Hollywood’s biblical drama Noah and the sci- fi drama Sense8 were filmed here.

  • Two exclusive concerts with only 50 tickets available were hosted here. The concerts happened in 2017 and were a part of the Secret Solstice Music Festival.

  • In the past, the tunnel was full of stalactites but due the growing number of visitors since 1950, the number has been going down gradually. As a matter of fact, the stalactites are hardly present anymore.

  • The length, width and height of the Lava Tunnel are 4500 feet, 33 - 99 feet and 33 feet.

  • The Lava Tunnel divides into 3 comparatively smaller channels at the end.

  • A section of the Raufarhólshellir extends below Route 39 to join Iceland’s main road, i.e, Route 1 to the southern coastline.

  • The cave was closed in 2016 to clean and rebuild the area with better lighting and a walking path.

Know Before You Book The Lava Tunnel Tour

Essential Information:
How To Get There?
  • Location

Raufarhólshellir is located at 816, Iceland.

  • Timing

9 am to 5 pm ( Sunday - Saturday ).

  • Best Time To Visit

We suggest you visit the Lava Tunnel during the winter months. These months witness the magnificent ice structures dangling from the ceilings towards the floor.

  • *By Bus *

You can take a bus from the Reykjavik campsite and travel for 40 minutes to reach Hveragerði. From there you can take a taxi and proceed for 15 minutes to reach the destination.

  • By Car / Taxi

The lava tunnel is located at a distance of approximately 39 kilometres from Reykjavik. Visitors can hire a cab or a car from Reykjavik and arrive at the venue in roughly 35 minutes.

  • Explore the lava field formed from an eruption thousands of years ago. It is also a set for a hollywood movie and a sci - fi drama series.
  • The Lava Tunnel Tour allows the spectators to enjoy the mesmerising views of the internal formations of a volcanic eruption.
  • Indulge yourself in the sights of the multi coloured walls in different shades of red, blue, green and lavender.
  • The Lava Tunnel is an evolving place that keeps on changing throughout the different seasons.
  • In winter, you can see the ice structures hanging from the ceiling whereas during the summer months you can enjoy the vibrant minerals adorning the walls of the cave.

FAQs Of The Lava Tunnel Tour

Why is The Lava Tunnel Tour so famous?

The tour is famous for its views of multi coloured rhyolite walls in Summer and hanging ice structures in Winter. The Tunnel is also renowned for displaying the working intricacies of a lava tunnel.

Is Price for The Lava Tunnel Tour the same for all?

No, the ticket prices for the tour of the Lava Tunnel are not the same. Visitors can purchase the entry passes online to ensure a smooth and hassle free onboarding process at the time of admission.

Do I need to book The Lava Tunnel Tour in advance?

Yes, we strongly suggest you book the tickets for the tour of the Lava Tunnel in advance. Booking tickets online can help you avail your preferred slot on your chosen date beforehand. Buying tickets in advance also ensures that you can change the date and time of your visit according to your plans.

Can I book The Lava Tunnel Tour Online?

Yes, you can book the tour of the Lava Tunnel online. The tickets of this tour are available on our website. Purchasing online tickets also has its advantages, like being able to skip the long waiting line at the ticket counter at the location and getting refunds quickly.

What is the time duration to go for The Lava Tunnel Tour?

The tour of the tunnel and the cave takes almost 3 - 4 hours to come to an end.


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