Super jeep Tours in Iceland

Super jeep Tours in Iceland

Visitors can choose their preferred Superjeep Tours Iceland between two options : Self driven Superjeeps or Classic driver guided Superjeeps. These tours are joined with different activities like river rafting, snorkelling and snowmobiling to form amazing packages at budget friendly prices. It takes you to the most secluded and remote areas of Iceland like Landmannalaugar, Thorsmork, Eyjafjallajökull, Hekla Volcano and Langjökull Glacier.However,it is advised to travel the high terrains, the black sand beaches and glacial rivers without a miss. These tours include a trip to some of the world's most renowned lava field sites, glaciers and canyons.You can dive into the deep waters of the blue Lagoon and leave all your stress behind or enjoy the serene views of the Golden Circle.The shorter tours take upto 3 to 4 hours whereas the longer ones might take upto 12 hours to come to an end. You are also advised to carry nothing more than a few essentials like a pair of boots or gloves for protection from the cold. The tickets of the tour are available online and we highly recommend you to purchase them in advance.

Why to Book Super Jeep Tours in Iceland?

The Superjeep Tours Iceland have gained massive popularity in the last few years as an entertaining tourist activity. These tours give you a clear view into Iceland's nature and unaccessible terrains. Visitors can choose between a number of hiking trails based on their preferences and activities. One of the most noteworthy highlights of these Superjeep tours is you can explore around Iceland privately with your family as these tours entertain a limited number of guests at once. This enables the tourists to tailor the routes and halts at their own convenience, enabling them to move around freely at their own pace.

Superjeep Tours Package Options in Iceland

Landmannalaugar Super Jeep Tour - Mountain Adventure

This Superjeep Tours Iceland begins from Reykjavik and passes through Þjórsárdalur valley to stop at Hjalparfoss waterfalls. On your way to Landmannalaugar, the Jeep halts at the renowned Crater Lake Ljotipollur. You can unpack your lunch or go for a short hike or swim here. On your way back, you will come across Volcano Hekla on the Domadalur route before arriving at the dropping point.

Vatnajokull Super Jeep Glacier Tour

This Superjeep Tours Iceland starts with a visit to Vatnajokull, the largest Glacier of Europe where the guide explains about the importance of glaciers and icefields in nature. This is followed by mesmerising views of places like the Vatnajokull National Park, Sultartungugil glacier valley, Esjuföll mountains and Öræfajokull glacier. The trip finally ends at the dropping point after stopping at Kálfafellsdalur glacier valley and the Brokartindur peak for a photo session of the picturesque views.

Þórsmörk Super Jeep Tour

The Þórsmörk Super Jeep Tour includes an 8 kilometre long hike and passing by various unbridged glacial rivers. While hiking you will see amazing views of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, followed by arrival at the Gígjökull glacier to absorb the results of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption in 2010. This tour is also tailored according to the needs of the visitors and allows them to omit the hike due to the difficult route.

Eyjafjallajökull Super Jeep

This trip begins with a visit to the popular Seljalandsfoss Waterfall. The guide here walks you to a cave hidden behind the waterfall to give you a different insight into the scenic area. The next stop is the Gljufrabui Waterfall that flows over the volcanic cliff to form a wonderful canyon. The final stop of this journey is the well known volcanic beaches which provide a contrasting view of the blue waters from the glaciers crashing over the black sand beaches.

Silver Circle Super Jeep Tour

The first stop of this Superjeep Tours Iceland is Deildartunguhver, Europe's strongest hot spring. The blowing steam from this waterbody forms an alluring view. The second stop is at a couple of waterfalls named Hraunfossar and Barnafossar located in the islands. The next halts are at the Husafell woodlands followed by the Langjokull Glacier before driving back to Reykjavik. On the way back, you can also catch a glimpse of the Thingvellir National Park and the Golden Circle Route before reaching the dropping point.

Places to Explore On a Super Jeep Tours in Iceland


Located in Iceland's Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Landmannalaugar is well known for its vibrant mountains, hot springs and lava fields. It is also considered to have the best hiking trails in Iceland with serene views. The trail is a 55 kilometre trek or the Hrafntinnusker trail which is 12 kilometres long are noteworthy mentions of Landmannalaugar.


Located in southern Iceland, Thorsmork is a mountain ridge placed between Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull. It is located 150 kilometres away from Reykjavik.The Krossa River is one of the notable highlights of Thorsmork. This place is accessible only during the summer months and we strongly suggest you to drive in Super jeeps to reach this location safely.


Eyjafjallajökull comprises a glacial volcano that has formed an ice cap, which is spread over an area of 80 square kilometres.This volcano last exploded in 2010 resulting in melting of the glaciers which caused floods in certain areas. The release of volcanic ashes from the eruption hampered the following air flights for several days.

Hekla Volcano

Situated in southern Iceland, the Hekla Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes and has erupted 20 times since 874 AD. The last time it erupted was in the year 2000. Although Hekla is also a popular hiking and mountaineering site, it is suggested that visitors are reading cautiously near it due to its active nature. The Hekla Center supplies tourists with valuable information about the volcano and its surroundings.

Langjökull Glacier

Langjökull is the second largest Glacier in Iceland after Vatnajokull and is spread over an area of 1025 square kilometres. It stands 4757 feet high and provides for several water bodies like River Hvita, River Olfusa and Lake Haga. Langjökull is the nearest glacier to Reykjavik and is situated 150 kilometres away from Reykjavik.

Sólheimajökull Glacier and Ice Caves

Sólheimajökull is well known for its mystical combination of volcanic ash and glacial ice. Ot also houses the enigmatic Dragon Queen Blue Ice Cave, which gets its name for its true blue ice colour and magical look. It is located 158 kilometres from Reykjavik and is one of the most well known hiking trails.


Is Price for the Super Jeep Tours in Iceland the same for all?

No, the price for all the Superjeep Tours Iceland is not the same. The price of these tours depend on the number of activities and resources included in the package. The charges are also subject to change on the basis of the size of the rental cars and number of people in a group.

What would be the time duration of the Superjeep Tours?

The length of the hiking tours depend on the number of spots to be visited and the number of activities included in the package. Generally the short hiking tours last for 3 - 4 hours and the long hiking tours can go upto 10 -11 hours.

Do I need to book an Iceland Super Jeep Tour in advance?

Yes, it is advised to book the Iceland Super Jeep Tour in advance. Booking preferred slots of the tour online helps visitors save time and avail refund in cases of cancellations.

Can I book a Superjeep Tour Online?

Yes, you can book a Superjeep Tour online. Booking the tour online can help the visitors save time and get access to refunds quickly in cases of cancellations.

How much time does it take to experience a Superjeep Tour?

The duration of a Superjeep tour depends on the inclusions of the package. Some hiking tours can last for 3 - 4 hours whereas others can take 10 - 11 hours.


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