Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour

About Icelandic Horseback Riding

Icelandic horses, the only breed bred in Iceland, is one of the purest breeds in the world. It is therefore no surprise that riding in Iceland is an equestrian’s dream. Every horse riding enthusiast must be a part of this experience, which essentially makes one feel like they are in a movie scene all the time. Looking around the stunning landscape of this magical country in the most authentic way possible is an invigorating experience, to say the least. Iceland manages to conquer the top spots of most travelers’ bucket list destinations for good reason.

The island manages to make you feel like you are the main character of a real-life fairy tale. From majestic waterfalls and shimmering rainbows to volcanic mountains and glacial lagoons, the incredible landscape that the island offers must be enjoyed on horseback. The adorable Icelandic horses are extremely friendly, complete adventure machines and lots of fun to ride. Moreover, they have this unique style of marching, known commonly as the tolt. This four-beat gait makes the rides extremely smooth and comfortable for longer durations. The best thing about an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour is the fact that irrespective of your level of expertise, you will find a ride for yourself.

Book Icelandic Horseback Riding tour

Booking your tickets to the Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour online will allow you to include a pickup from a designated bus stop close to your accommodation. Your ride will be matched to your level of expertise in horseback riding and you will be led by an instructor throughout. Online bookings will also allow you to skip the crowds and choose your timeslot in advance. You can either opt for morning or afternoon departure and refuel yourself with hot beverages (coffee, tea or hot chocolate) post the ride. Confirmation of the booking will be provided to you at the time of booking and tickets can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance with a full refund.

Booking an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour will allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the town and escape into the countryside. This can be a calming experience, with the vivid landscape and the breathtaking sites that can be explored. All the necessary pieces of equipment and instructions will be provided to you and there is no reason to worry as you will constantly be assisted by an experienced guide. All of this makes for an energizing hour long excursion along the paths, meadows, lakes, moors past mountains and lava fields of Iceland.

Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour Package Options

Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour from Reykjavik

Enjoy the lava-laden scenery alongside the mountains, moors and lakes, on cute and sturdy horses bred by the Vikings, depending on your abilities. You can choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of riding and re-energise yourself with a hot beverage of choice once the ride is complete. The ride can be experienced in the mornings or the afternoons.

Black Sand Beach Horse Riding Tour from Vik

One of the more popular Horse riding tours Iceland offers, this is an alternative to going around Iceland to take in the picturesque scenery in a crowded bus. The fresh air during the ride from the stables in Vik to the infamous lack sand beach calms your mind and helps release stress. This is the perfect option for beginners as the terrain is quite simple and the pace is slow.

Icelandic Horseback Riding Including Pick Up from Reykjavik

Grab this opportunity to admire Iceland’s beloved sure-footed horses. Beginners are welcome here and the tour includes transportation from Reykjavik. Complimentary helmets along with rain gear and winter overalls are included in the tour.

Red Lava Horse Riding Tour From Reykjavik

This is the perfect way to take the road less traveled and visit the volcanic fields. The course of this small-group riding tour is approximately 7kms long and the entire experience takes about 2 hours. The horses will either take you along the Redhills or the scenic Lake Raudavatn. This tour is suitable for all levels and offers complimentary beverages along with winter clothing rentals.

Horseback Riding in the Icelandic Meadows with Mountain Views

One of the many unique Horse Riding Tours Iceland offers, the endless miles of rolling across Meadows with mountains in the background during this tour will make you want to keep going back to Iceland again and again. Ride with a small and personalized group of riders and feel the energy of the horses around you throughout the ride. Complete beginners will be taught the basics and given a briefing before heading out for the ride.

Deacon Horse Riding Tour

This tour that takes place in north Iceland will take you to sites in the countryside that vehicles cannot reach. With a small group of about 6 travelers, you can experience the unique tolt of the Icelandic horses on the mountainous terrains. This experience feels much more personal due to the tiny number of riders in the groups and is suitable for riders with any level of experience.

Tips To Visit

If you are planning to book your tickets for one of the many Horse Riding Tours Iceland has to offer, there are some very important things you must keep in mind.- For starters, the minimum age for an individual to be eligible for a tour is 7-8 years old, depending on the specific tour. Children must, at all times, be accompanied by an adult.- These tours are not recommended for pregnant travelers or travelers who suffer from back problems or have faced injuries of the back.- Travelers with heart problems or other serious illnesses are also recommended to avoid these tours. - These tours are an excellent way to take in a natural beauty and the weather conditions that this island has to offer.

FAQs for Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour

What to wear horseback riding in Iceland?

It is preferable to go for long pants that are comfortable and have some stretch, along with shoes or boots that provide sufficient cushioning and protection to your feet. You can choose to layer up depending on the weather conditions on the day of the activity. You should however keep in mind that it is usually windy, so you must prefer warm, water-resistant pieces of clothing and warm socks.

What is the best time to go for an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour?

The best time to go for an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour is the summer months, without a doubt. The rough terrains and harsh weather conditions of Iceland result in roadblocks during the winter months. Therefore the late summers and autumns, right before the onset of winters make for an energetic ride, with stunning views of the majestic bloom.

What is the best way to book an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour?

The best way to book an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour is to go online. You can do some research about the locations you would want to visit and the kind of experience you would like. Based on those factors and your experience and expertise levels, you can conveniently make the payments online and get confirmations for your bookings instantly.

What are the best places to visit with an Icelandic Horseback Riding Tour?

The top five locations in Iceland to visit on an Icelandic horse are: Thorsmörk, Snæfellsnes peninsula, The Golden Circle, the southern highlands and the Northeastern parts of Iceland.

Is Horse Riding Tours in Iceland worth it?

Going for Horse Riding Tours Iceland is the most authentic way to experience the scenery and the ambience of the island. Not only is this experience special due to the kind of terrain you will be riding over, but also because of the unique breed of horses that you will be riding.


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