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About Northern Lights Boat Tour

The Northern Lights Boat Tour starts from the Reykjavik coastline and stops at the north of the Atlantic Sea for a magnificent view of the auroras. Most of the time these tours are combined with other activities, like camping and a trip to the Golden Circle; to form attractive packages. These tours also have a professional guide on board to educate you on the science that goes behind this natural occurrence and to answer all your queries. You can also indulge in the cafeteria and bar available for the tourists on board while you wait for the Northern Lights to appear. The crew clicks pictures for the spectators to download the next day without any additional charge.Many packages provide the visitors with audio and textual guides to explain the mesmerising event in different languages like German, English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. This tour is one of the most notable and recommended tourist attractions. You can avail the tickets for this entertaining experience online via our websites. Booking online tickets also enables the tourists to make last minute changes to the plan and avail refunds quickly in cases of cancellations.

Book Northern Lights Boat Tour Online

The Northern Lights Boat Tour takes you to one of the exclusive places for the mesmerising viewing of the Aurora Borealis. You should book the tickets for this tour online because of its attractive inclusions like choosing preferred time slots for the viewing, free wifi and a professional guide. The activity starts from central Reykjavik with the guide explaining the process of the vibrant occurence of the Aurora Borealis. On arrival, visitors can get ready with their cameras to experience the extravagant phenomenon. You can expect these lights only during the months from September to April.

Why You Should See The Northern Lights by Boat?

It is always advisable to view the Northern Lights by boat as these packages come with a number of facilities like pick up and drop off services and lending free overalls on board . While starting your journey on the boat, you will catch glimpses of the alluring Reykjavik city lights and the Harpa concert hall. There is also a cafeteria and bar available on board for the tourists to indulge in while they explore the boat. This Northern Lights Boat Tour also comes with a professional guide on board who describes the natural phenomenon of the magnificent occurrence in the Sky. One of the other notable reasons to see the Northern Lights by Boat is that the boat only takes around 5 - 10 minutes to reach the viewing point. This gives the spectators a chance to spend the entire activity duration enjoying the sight of the Aurora Borealis.

Choose The Best Northern Lights Boat Tour Combos

Magic Ice Bar Reykjavik Plus Northern Lights by Boat Extra

This Northern Lights Boat Tour includes a visit to the only ice bar and gallery in Iceland along with a tour of the Northern Lights by boat on the Sea. On arrival at the Ice bar, visitors are welcomed with a complimentary drink while they take a look at over 60 ice sculptures before leaving for the boat tour towards the site of the Northern Lights.

Tromso: : Northern Lights Photo Cruise

Depart from the Kysten Hus Harbour in search of the Northern Lights on this tour. While waiting for the spectacular experience ,you can either stay inside the lounge or wait on the mesmerising deck. There is also a sauna and a jacuzzi on board for the relaxation of the tourists

Northern Lights by Boat Plus The Lava Tunnel Standard Tour

This Northern Lights Boat Tour consists of a trip to the Lava Tunnel along with a hunt for the appealing Northern Lights. Absorb the lovely views of the surroundings while learning about the 5,000 year old Lava Tunnel on a guided tour followed by a journey to see the extraordinary Aurora Borealis in the dark.

Northern Lights by boat with a backup plan from Reykjavik

This Northern Lights by Boat tour begins with the visitors sailing to the Faxafloi Bay from Reykjavik’s Old Harbour to track the Aurora Borealis. This package also offers a backup plan of visiting the Whales of Iceland Exhibition in case of unfavourable weather. Visitors are also compensated with a Northern Lights by Boat tour on another available date.

Golden Circle & Northern Lights by Boat

This interesting experience starts with a visit to the legendary Golden Circle and its adjoining areas like Gullfoss waterfall and the Thingvellir National Park, Strokkur and Laugarvatn. After the end of the Golden Circle, you will board a boat and embark on a journey to find the right site for a view of the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights Hunting Tour by Boat & Campfire

This activity begins with a boat ride to Lake Olkkajärvi to search for the right place to see the Northern Lights. After reaching the destination, a camp is set up for the visitors to enjoy a campfire with some grilled sausages. You can also look out for the Northern Lights while enjoying the natural setting of the site.

Interesting Yet Unknown Facts About Northern Lights

  • The name Aurora Borealis is formed by the amalgamation of two names; Aurora, the Roman goddess of Dawn and Boreas meaning north wind in Greek.
  • The International Space Station is located at the same elevation level as the Northern Lights. Therefore, the astronauts can see lights from the side.
  • The colours and the patterns of the Northern Lights are always different.
  • Other planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have their own lights.
  • Scandinavia is the best place to see the Northern Lights apart from Canada, Scotland, Russia, Iceland and Alaska.
  • Point and Shoot cameras do not do justice to the pictures of these vibrant Northern Lights. We strongly suggest you to click photographs in either night mode or fireworks mode on DSLRs or mirrored cameras.
  • A major misconception about Northern Lights is that it doesn't take place everyday. Well, the phenomenon occurs daily but isn't visible due to heavy clouds.

FAQs for Northern Lights Boat Tour

What is the best time to see Northern lights on a boat

The best time to see the Northern Lights in Iceland is between the months of September to April. During this time it gets dark at 6 pm, allowing people to have more time to enjoy the charming views of the lights. September and March are the best months to experience this phenomenon due to the equinox.

Why is the Northern Lights so famous?

The Northern Lights of Iceland are renowned throughout the world because they can be viewed only from a few places. They are a great attraction for tourists, especially, for nature lovers because they distract them from the attractive yet monotonous terrains, rivers and glaciers of Iceland.

Is Price for the Northern Lights Boat Tour the same for all?

No, the price of the Northern Lights Boat Tour is not the same for all the packages. These deals depend on the duration of the tour and other extra activities included in the packages.

What would be the time duration of the Northern Lights Boat Tour?

The duration of all the Northern Lights Boat Tour are not the same. The duration of the tours depends on the number of activities included in the package.

Do I need to book a Northern Lights Boat Tour in advance?

We strongly advise you to book the tickets for the Northern Lights tours well in advance for a smooth and hassle free process. By booking online tickets you can also save time and benefit from the refund policy in case of cancellations.

Can I book a Northern Lights Boat Tour Online?

Yes, you can book the Northern Lights tour online. It is always advisable to book your tickets for the tour online in order to get access to your preferred slot on your selected date beforehand.


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