Puffin Tour in Reykjavik

Puffin Tour in Reykjavik

Puffin Watching Tour in Reykjavik is a very popular activity among tourists visiting Iceland as it feels like looking for hidden gems in the ocean. Nobody can predict what they might end up finding. Puffins are some of the most adorable creatures to exist; it is therefore no surprise that tourists are crazy about these cute penguin-like creatures with colorful beaks and big soulful eyes. Puffins are usually found flying or bobbing on the water, and their charisma never fails to impress, especially the first-timers who have never seen one in life before, but have decided to believe the hype. The Puffin Tour in Reykjavik involves using rigid inflatable boats to go on an hour-long cruise across the Faxaflói Bay to witness puffins gathered around on its islands and cliffs. You will also get a chance to witness a variety of other seabirds and colorful nesting birds while hunting for puffins and learn more about them from the expert guides. Some of the popular species to keep an eye out for are- Gannets, Auks and the beautiful Arctic tern. The boats used for the tour will allow you to get quite close to the puffins and witness their characteristics, as compared to conventional vessels.

Book Puffin Tour in Reykjavik Online

Booking your tickets to the Puffin Tour in Reykjavik online allows you to have flexibility to alter your travel plans. The pay later option allows you to book your spot well in advance and not have to worry about paying on the spot.

The Puffin Watching Tour in Reykjavik will allow you to head into the Reykjavik Old Harbour early in the morning, and post listening to a short safety briefing, get into your coveralls that will be provided on site, get onto the boats and cruise around the Faxaflói Bay, bumping on the ice cold waves. All necessary safety equipment and binoculars for viewing the birds will be provided on site.

Puffin Watching Tour Package Options

Half-Day Whales and Puffins Cruise Combo Tour

This experience involves discovering puffins and local whales through a number of cruises around Reykjavik and Faxaflói Bay. It guarantees that you spot some local whales, so much so that if you don’t, you get another ticket to the cruise for free. A small boat with a shallow draught, called Skúlaskeið (Old Skúli), that can get quite close to the small islands where the puffins can usually be spotted, is used for the cruise. The whale watching tour, included in this combo package uses an Andrea boat, the biggest boat used for whale watching in Iceland, is quite education focused and lasts for over 3 hours.

Puffin Express Cruise from Reykjavik

This cruise typically lasts for about an hour and allows you to witness the native icelandic species of birds and seabirds with expert guides giving you all the details about their characteristics and lifestyles The tour includes a pickup and drop off service and offers you the option to choose from five departure times during the day, depending on your itinerary.

Premium Whale and Puffin Watching Evening Tour

Being a part of this Puffin Tour in Reykjavik will allow you to zoom across the icy waters on a speedboat while enjoying close-up interactions with whales, dolphins and puffins. Ideal for the summer season, you can enjoy the Icelandic midnight sun to your heart’s extent through this tour while looping around some of the wind-beaten islands that are natural habitat to the puffins. The tour ends by cruising along the city shoreline that makes for some stunning views of the Sun Voyager sculpture along with the fishing huts and restaurants making up the thought provoking cityscape.

2-Hour Whale & Puffin Watching RIB Boat Tour

Embark on this short Puffin Watching Tour in Reykjavik with a small group (of about 12 passengers) on a stable boat, on the lookout for whales and dolphins in the larger areas, under the supervision of highly trained guides. The specially engineered RIB boats can reach offbeat areas that normal vessels don’t and increase your chance of spotting puffins by a large extent. Sailing along Reykjavik’s shores during the return will give you a good look at the Harpa Concert hall among the stunning cityscape from the water.

Know Before You Go For Puffin Tour in Reykjavik

Essential info:

Best Time- The best time to spot puffins and other native seabirds on their breeding grounds starts from late April and goes on up to early September. The recommended period will be anywhere between May and July.

Duration- The durations of the puffin watching tours vary depending on which package option you choose to opt for. These tours usually take from anywhere between 1 to 4 hours, depending on your package and the included activities.

Inclusions- Irrespective of which Puffin Watching Tour in Reykjavik you end up choosing, you will be provided with all necessary safety equipment on site, along with warm overalls, gloves and goggles.- Fully certified RIB captains will be operating the boats- Specially trained guides help make the birdwatching experience knowledgeable, interactive and enlightening.

FAQs for Puffin Tour in Reykjavik

Why is Reykjavik so famous?

Reykjavik’s popularity among tourists is due to its stunning nightlife, energetic music festivals and some of the best topographical characteristics along with the unique range of flora and fauna that makes for a memorable experience for visitors.

Is Price for the Puffin Watching Tour the same for all?

Prices for the Puffin watching tours vary depending on the kind of package you choose to opt for, the individual tickets for these group excursions, however cost the same for tourists from all age groups. Children need to be over the age of 8 to be eligible for most of these tours.

What would be the time duration of the Puffin Watching Tour?

The duration of the Puffin watching tour varies depending on the package you have chosen. Most of the tours take anywhere between an hour to about 4 hours, with a little additional time for pickup and dropoff services.

Do I need to book a Puffin Watching Tour in advance?

Although it is not absolutely compulsory to book your tickets to the Puffin Watching Tour in advance, we highly recommend that you do as the tours are in great demand and spots get filled up quickly. Booking your spots in advance will also allow you to layout and plan your itinerary in a systematic and efficient manner.

Can I book a Puffin Watching Tour Online?

Yes, tickets to a Puffin Watching Tour in Reykjavik can be booked online and we highly recommend you to do so. The tickets get sold out very often and booking online may allow you to avail the spots at specially discounted prices. You can choose the packages and the activities that you would like to participate in before booking the tickets, based on your travel itinerary, interests and mood preferences.


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